Saturday, March 2, 2013

It's not Christmas, buuut...



Hello lovelies!  I am definitely rocking a more casual look in these photos, but I worked all day and didn't feel like dressing up.  So this is my favorite sweatshirt and the eye makeup left from work, plus you can see my favorite ring I bought at Coach on a shopping spree with Sarah last year.  I never leave the house without it.  I'm not positive if it's still sold in stores, but I have seen it online recently and it now comes in rose gold (!!!!).  The eyeshadow is from a new Sephora and Pantone Palette featuring the color of the year: Emerald green!  I decided to make it fun with some matching nails and delicious, colorful candy.  I would tell you where this sweatshirt is from, but I stole it from my sister. :) 

Hiii!!! Red is my favorite color to wear no matter what season it is.  I also really heart hearts. Bethany applied the Urban Decay lipstick I have on in the photos during an event at Sephora a few weeks ago, and I ended up buying it a few days ago. The color is called "F-Bomb," and the lip liner under it is called "Gash."  It stays on really well, even through late night snacks after a work day.  I got the idea for the hearts on my nails from Pinterest.  I didn't want to put hearts on all of them, so I just chose my ring fingers.  I filed my nails to make them pointier than usual so that it would create a point for the heart. I swiped the color up from each side of the top of my nail to the point to create an upside down V that looks like a heart.  Dress: Delia's.  Cardigan: New York & Company.  Belt: Target.  Coat: Charlotte Rousse.  Boots: The Shoe Department. 
- Sarah (^.^)

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