Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day

Hope you had a great Valentine’s Day!!! Bethany and I spent Valentine’s evening together.  We liked our semi-festive outfits and decided we wanted to share them with you.

Bethany’s Heart Ring: Finds & Designs (vintage store in Huntington, WV)
Sarah’s PavĂ© Ring: American Eagle

It was pretty chilly out and we opted for fur.  Faux fur y’all! Put away your red paint!  Neither of us wanted to be obviously Valentinesy, but subtley.  She went simple with a black lacey skirt and white long sleeve belted at the waist.  Bethany added an interesting scarf with red details that made her red lips pop! She wore gold jewelry and that heart ring above. :)

Skirt from Target.  Shirt from PacSun. Coat from Target. Belt from Charlotte Rousse.

Michael Kors watch from Macy’s.

Scarf from Target.

 My fur coat was more of a practical choice today.  It doesn’t create the greatest silhouette for me and is reminiscent of the puffy coat era of grade school.  Sometimes it makes me feel like I’m walking like a penguin with my arms straight out.  However, I like the hood and it keeps me verrry warm. It’s from Land’s End.

I chose to wear my rose dress today. It’s a bit summery, but I tried to fix that with the all of the black.  

The dress and belt are from Charlotte Rousse.  Boots from Sears.

Thanks for reading our first attempt to blog our outfits!!! ^_^

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hello there!

Bethany and Sarah really love fashion.  Like really.  They want to share their love of fashion with you, and they hope that you like it.  So welcome to Sarah Lu & Bethany Too!

Bethany :)

Sarah \(^_^)/