Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day

Hope you had a great Valentine’s Day!!! Bethany and I spent Valentine’s evening together.  We liked our semi-festive outfits and decided we wanted to share them with you.

Bethany’s Heart Ring: Finds & Designs (vintage store in Huntington, WV)
Sarah’s Pavé Ring: American Eagle

It was pretty chilly out and we opted for fur.  Faux fur y’all! Put away your red paint!  Neither of us wanted to be obviously Valentinesy, but subtley.  She went simple with a black lacey skirt and white long sleeve belted at the waist.  Bethany added an interesting scarf with red details that made her red lips pop! She wore gold jewelry and that heart ring above. :)

Skirt from Target.  Shirt from PacSun. Coat from Target. Belt from Charlotte Rousse.

Michael Kors watch from Macy’s.

Scarf from Target.

 My fur coat was more of a practical choice today.  It doesn’t create the greatest silhouette for me and is reminiscent of the puffy coat era of grade school.  Sometimes it makes me feel like I’m walking like a penguin with my arms straight out.  However, I like the hood and it keeps me verrry warm. It’s from Land’s End.

I chose to wear my rose dress today. It’s a bit summery, but I tried to fix that with the all of the black.  

The dress and belt are from Charlotte Rousse.  Boots from Sears.

Thanks for reading our first attempt to blog our outfits!!! ^_^


  1. Hey guys! This is Assley :) Miranda told me about your blog and finally mentioned the name to me the other day, so I thought I'd look you up to see what you've been posting. I think what you all have started here is really interesting, SO KEEP IT UP! I know how much you both love fashion and getting dressed up together, so I think this blog is a start to something very cool for both of you (plus, I'm like a bit-time geek for self-expression). So anyway, I know I'm probably one of the least fashionable people that you know, but I can be creative when I try. Here are some ideas I had for interesting, future blog posts:
    1. I really liked how your last post brought the outfits down to the nitty-gritty, showing us each piece, where it was from, and how you decided to put it together. So continue to use yourselves as examples and inspiration, because I know that people will want to read about you; however, it might be really cool to get some other people and other fashion ideas into your blog. I was thinking that maybe you could find people on campus, downtown, or the mall, who have really interesting/"cute" outfits on. Tell them that you are doing a blog and you'd really like to use their look on your page. First, if someone is dressed nice, they definitely want someone to compliment them (you know it's true). They will assuredly oblige your request AND THEN you can give them your blog link, and WALAH, you have a new follower and friend :)
    2. To kind of add to the first suggestion, maybe ask your friends if you can style them and do a photo shoot for your blog. You can show the process, including hair and make-up, and I think that would be really cool to read/see (and if you want, I would be happy to be a "model" and I will force Miranda to do it as well. You're welcome hahaha)
    3. Bethany, since you have (cue Miley Cyrus voice) a really cool fashion job, you should see if any of your clients as Sephora would let you take their picture for the blog after you've done their make-up. This way, you can work make-up products and application into the site, which I know a lot of people would be interested in. I'm sure you sample the products a lot, so maybe write your suggestions or opinions on the products you've used (i.e. that nice makeup you wore to Flabby Patty's the other night, which was unfortunately cakey under the eyes. IMPORTANT INFO!).
    4. Also, add your nail art stuff to your blog. I always like the new things you try, and you already do product placement on your instagram (yea, I creep on your comments). PS, link your instagrams to your blog, so even if you don't have time to do a whole blog post, you can still post a picture of your outfit and with a caption and a shout out to this blog page.

    Wow, I'm possibly really annoying, but I wanted to give you some of my thoughts on your blogging idea. If you ever want my help, let me know and I'm in! I love that you all are doing this together, and I especially love the title. Oh yea, I have a really nice Nikon camera that my dad bought me a few years back, so anytime you want to use it or have me take pictures for you, I am more than happy. I hope you keep this up, because I'm weirdly excited about it :)


  2. Thank you so much for being our first comment, Ashley!!! We have a few stylin' people who have already agreed to be on the blog! It's just a matter of working out when. We were thinking Bethany could do make-up looks for certain outfits we put on the blog, but it would be awesome to just have her take pictures of what she does everyday! Nail looks are a great idea too because we instagram them so much. Haha. Thanks for offering the use of your camera. That's awesome. We both keep saying we need to save for a better one! We will probably also want to end up using your boday. (^__-)